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Daan Maessen – Senior Engineer R&D

Daan has always been interested in ‘fringe’ topics: As a child he devoured popular science books on astronomy and particle physics. As a teenager he became more interested in space technology, which led him to study aerospace engineering. Even there, he didn’t settle for the typical airplane or satellite, but worked on inflatable satellite structures and formation flying satellites.

From 2013, he is in the grasp of cryogenics and has worked on the continual improvement of the Stirling Cryogenerator. “Even though our basic cryogenerator design is over 50 years old, it continues to amaze me how well it was designed. Improving this old design is challenging, even with today’s tools. It requires thorough knowledge of various engineering disciplines to really understand what is going on in the machine. That’s what really appeals to me in this job.”
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