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Francesco Dioguardi – Sales Manager Closed Loop Cooling Systems

After graduating as BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Francesco joined Philips Cryogenics in 1986 to be responsible for Service activities on the two-stage Stirling Cryogenerators. When Stirling Cryogenics became independent from Philips in 1990, he joined the Sales Department as Technical Sales Engineer being responsible for the system design of complex cryogenic systems. This evolved to a position as Sales Manager for different market areas, always with an emphasis on closed loop cooling and customized systems.

During these 30+ years at Stirling Cryogenics, Francesco has been responsible for the system design, sale, detailed design, manufacturing and testing of many of such cryogenic systems. Today his focus remains on these customized systems for different markets such as HTS, LH2, magnets, space chambers, science institutes and recently all electric airplanes.

“I find it exciting to find the best solution for the customers’ cryogenic cooling requirements. Often this may be a variation of an earlier system set-up, but even after 30 years new and surprising applications arise. The creative process of designing together with the customer an optimal cryogenic system based on our equipment is always inspiring.”

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