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Liquid oxygen systems

The Stirling Cryogenics LOX solutions provide hospitals & clinics with liquid and gaseous medical oxygen by on site production. The main advantage is being completely independent of outside suppliers which is especially important when the locations are in isolated or remote areas.

Our LOX plants feature a continuous flow of medical oxygen, even during maintenance or power outages. A peak capacity (in case of for example natural disasters or a virus outbreak) of 5 times the nominal flow during a limited time by evaporating the LOX from the tank next to the normal production of O2. Incorporates a backup storage of 10 days and has a built-in cylinder filling system.

The StirLOX system provides medical LOX and GOX produced according to the pharmacopoeia1 regulations from 93% purity up to even 99% when required.

Pharmacopoeia O2 93%
Oxygen content 90 – 96% (v/v)
Carbon dioxide ≤ 300 ppm (v/v)
Carbon monoxide ≤ 5 ppm (v/v)
Water: ≤ 67 ppm (v/v) (- 70 C)
Nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide ≤ 2 ppm (v/v)
Sulphur dioxide ≤ 1 ppm (v/v)
Oil ≤ 0,1 mg/mp m-3 (v/v

The system set up is based on a safety methodology of three separate sources of oxygen:

All three can be operated and monitored independent from each other and offer the requested buffer and availability of medical O2 for every hospital or clinic.



Medical Oxygen

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