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Stirling Cryogenerators are based on the reversed-Stirling cycle. These Cryogenerators, also known as Cryocoolers or Cryo-refrigerators, are named SPC’s (Stirling Process Coolers) and are the heart and key component in all that Stirling does.

For more than 65 years, Stirling Cryogenics has been designing and supplying these high efficient, low temperature coolers. Over these years more than 6,000 machines have been supplied world-wide, in a wide range of demanding circumstances and different applications.

Stirling Cryogenerators provide cooling power in the range of 50 to 6,000 Watt in the temperature range of 18 to 180 Kelvin (-258 to -123°C or -433 to -190°F). Depending on the temperature and cooling power requirements, Stirling Cryogenerators are available in either a 1 or 4-cylinder version and in a one-stage (down to 40K) or two-stage configuration (down to 18K). Stirling Cryogenerators can be integrated into any kind of (customer) cryogenic system, be used as liquefiers for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Argon, Neon, etc., or as cooler for a Helium or Hydrogen gas flow or cryogenic liquid flow.

Stirling Cryogenerators can be installed to function in parallel to reach a higher capacities. Stirling has an in-house engineering department to design specific configurations to customise its cryogenic system so that it can be used in many different applications.

Unique features Cryocoolers

Stirling Cryogenerators have a number of unique features:

Product specifications

SPC-1 Cryogenerator
SPC-4 Cryogenerator
SPC-1T Cryogenerator
SPC-4T Cryogenerator


Research applications in Physics
Cooling of MRI Magnets

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