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Closed Loop Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

In closed loop liquid nitrogen systems, LN2 is transferred into and through the customer’s application where the cold fluid extracts energy from the system by heating up and/or by evaporation. The warmer fluid or evaporated gas is collected and fed to a Cryogenerator where the energy is removed by either cooling the liquid or re-liquefying the gas.

These systems tend to be very efficient. Normally, in cases where an application is cooled with bulk LN2, cold vent gas is wasted. With that, a lot of energy which was required to produce and cool the LN2, is destroyed. However, by collecting, re-using and re-liquefying this gas its internal cold is saved and less energy is required to produce liquid nitrogen again.

As a basis, these systems comprise of one or more cryocoolers, a LN2 storage tank and (vacuum insulated) lines towards the customer’s application and return lines. Often the system will also have a pump to get the liquid flowing, cryogenics valves, couplings and instrumentation. With our more than 50 years of experience, we have developed the know-how and expertise to design and size these kind of set ups.

Stirling Cryogenics is able to assist you with design a process set up and selecting the right equipment.

Applications and markets where closed loop LN2 cooling systems have proven to be viable solutions:

Several add-ons are available for specific cases:

Stirling Cryogenics can design and offer a customized system for your specific project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Closed Loop Cooling Systems


Research applications in Physics

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