StirLNG-16 Conditioning

The system consists of 4 StirLNG-4 Cryogenerators, an intermediate tank and a LNG pump, all mounted on a skid. Depending on the gas pressure, the StirLNG-16 can re-liquefy from 4 up to 10 metric ton of LNG per day (2.500 – 8.000 gal/day).


The StirLNG-16 re-liquefaction system has the following features and advantages:

  • Plug and play design: All equipment will be installed, aligned and pre-wired on a skid, ensuring minimum installation time. The only required connections are process lines, cooling water and power.
  • Fully automated operations.
  • Compact design.
  • Any of the 4 Cryogenerators (alone or multiple) can operate at any time, giving maximum flexibility, redundancy and efficiency.
  • High reliability: The system design is based on proven technology. It uses the high reliable Stirling Cycle based Cryogenerators, which over 3.000 units have been installed worldwide since 1950.
  • Preventive maintenance is only required after 6.000 operating hours.
  • Suitable for working in different environmental conditions. Standard -5°C to 45°C (optional -20°C to 45°C).

Methane feed gas specifications to the StirLNG-16:

  • Main stream CH4
  • CxHy (C2 to C4) < 10%
  • CxHy (C5+) < 1 ppm
  • CO2 depending LNG conditions
  • H2O < -70ºC dew point
  • H2S < 3,3 ppm
  • Oil content < 0,01 mg/m3
  • Particles < 0,1 micron
  • N2/O2 < 10%



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