Cryogenerators are our reversed-Stirling cycle based Cryocoolers (cryorefrigerators). These Cryogenerators, also known as SPC’s (Stirling Process coolers) are the heart and key component in all that we do.

For over 50 years, DH Industries and its predecessors (a.o. Philips Cryogenics) have been designing and supplying these high efficient, extreme low temperature coolers. Over these years more than 5,000 units have been supplied world-wide, in a wide range of demanding circumstances and different applications.

Stirling Cryogenerators

These Stirling Cryogenerators provide cooling power in the range of 50 - 6,000 Watt in a temperature range of 15 - 150 Kelvin (- 258 to -123°C or  -433 to - 190°F) and come in either a 1 or 4-cylinder unit and in a one-stage (down to 40K) or two-stage configuration (down to 15K). Stirling Cryogenics Cryocoolers can be integrated into any kind of (cryogenic) system or used as stand-alone units and can be used as liquefiers (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Argon, Neon, biogas etc.) or as (Helium) gas cooler.

The product range is set up in such a way that any capacity (by using multiple units) and application (by custom specific add-ons) can be met. This way the most efficient, reliable and user friendly cryogenic cooling is achieved.   

Unique features Cryocoolers

All Stirling Cryogenics cryogenerators have the same unique features:

  • Highest efficient possible (through reversed Stirling Cycle technology)
  • Proven reliability (some over 40 years of operation)
  • Fully automated and PLC controlled
  • Integrated cold head and heat exchanger
  • All common electrical power supply possible
  • Robust design 
  • Flexible process integration
  • (preventive) Maintenance can be done by customer's engineer at site. 
  • Full service organisation available
  • Customer options available as add-on
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