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To whom it may concern


Re: Stirling Cryogenics B.V.

This is to announce that Dutch cryotechnology specialist Stirling Cryogenics B.V. will continue the business of predecessor DH Industries B.V.

The company assets were acquired by Hysytech s.r.l. from Turin, Italy they now hold 100% of the shares. Stirling Cryogenics B.V. has already began its activities as per December 10th 2018.

Head office and factory remain at Science Park Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In this facility the manufacturing and supply of cryogenic systems will continue as usual to produce our reversed Stirling Cycle Cryogenerators, the core equipment for the liquefaction systems (Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Air, LNG), the Boil-off recovery systems and cryogenic cooling machines down to 20K.

Maintenance and service activities will be managed by Stirling Cryogenics B.V. from its head office in the Netherlands. The global agent organization for sales and after-sales support will be maintained and enhanced in order to continue delivering services as in the past 60-years of market leadership in the cryogenic sector.

This acquisition boosts Stirling Cryogenics B.V. by providing engineering support and manufacturing capabilities from HYSYTECH’s Italy based facilities. Collaboration between HYSYTECH and Stirling Cryogenics have started since 2016 by delivering turn-key cryogenic systems for industrial applications. This acquisition is the natural evolution arising from this fruitful partnership.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and to confirm our commitment as technology leader on the cryogenic sector. We look forward to continuous and successful collaboration.


Arjan Coenradie
managing director
Stirling Cryogenics B.V.

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