Restart Stirling Cryogenics BV


To whom it may concern


Re: Stirling Cryogenics B.V.

This is to announce that Dutch cryotechnology specialist Stirling Cryogenics B.V. will continue the business of predecessor DH Industries B.V.

The company assets were acquired by Hysytech s.r.l. from Turin, Italy they now hold 100% of the shares. Stirling Cryogenics B.V. has already began its activities as per December 10th 2018.

Head office and factory remain at Science Park Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In this facility the manufacturing and supply of cryogenic systems will continue as usual to produce our reversed Stirling Cycle Cryogenerators, the core equipment for the liquefaction systems (Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Air, LNG), the Boil-off recovery systems and cryogenic cooling machines down to...

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