Cryogenics is used in several industrial production processes and applications. Within this market segment, cost of ownership, uptime and reliability are the most important drivers. Stirling Cryogenics is able to provide this market with suitable solutions for their Cryogenic requirements, based on over 40 years of experience, highly reliable equipment, the most efficient cryogenic cooling cycle in the market and an extensive global service support organization.


Cryogenics for Breathing applications

Liquid air or liquid Oxygen can be used as breathing air for pilots, miners, fire fighters etc. As the Oxygen (or Air) is stored and carried as a (crygonic) liquid over 40 times more gas can be carried compared with "normal" compressed air. As of this exposure and duration to the hazardous situation will be exented. for certain applications the Cryogen (liquid Air) can also be used to cool the body.
More information about Liquid Air for Breathing

Entertainment industry

Cryogenics can be a very useful and convenient utility for theatrical effects in the entertainment industry. Sudden release of a cryogenic fluid causes moisture in the air to condensate resulting in cool fog effects or spectacular steam effects. Combining the cryogenic fluid with water or steam increases the effect significantly. Especially for this industry Stirling Cryogenics has developed a product range of liquid air production plants (StirLAIR). This liquid air can be used in special effects without creating a dangerous environment (asphyxiation) for the audience or artist, which can be common with the use of Liquid nitrogen (LN2). More information about Theatrical effects.

Automotive  - Machining Industry

Cryogen can be used for shrink fitting of parts or for hardening of materials (steel), called cryo tempering. See also the Cryogenic Society website.


In order for superconductors to work they need to be cooled down to cryogenic temperatures.

Fire extinguishing

For specific applications (for instance high sensitive or very expensive machinery or instrumentation) inert gas (like nitrogen or argon) is used as fire extinguisher. In order to store sufficient amounts of these gases they need to be cooled down to cryogenic temperatures and liquefied.


For specific applications or production processes an inert environment is required. In order to store sufficient amounts of these gases they need to be cooled down to cryogenic temperatures and liquefied

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