Aerospace applications

Objects in space are subjected to its almost perfect vacuum, cold and solar radiation. For instance temperature on the moon can fluctuate from 40K to 396K (-233 to 122°C or -387 to 253°F). Organizations like NASA, ESA, and organizations building (parts of) space crafts, satellites, instruments etc. need to test their equipment and materials in those extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions.

Stirling Cryogenics equipment is very suited to support this, earth based, research and simulation at low temperatures. Main features of our solutions are their reliability, redundancy and flexibility. With over 40 years of experience in the industry our products have been developed to meet capacity, temperature range and requirements in this area.

Solutions can be either be the supply of stand-alone cryogenerators or designing and supply closed loop cooling systems. These systems can either be cryogenic liquid (mostly liquid nitrogen) or cryogenic gas (typically helium) based, in a temperature range of 150-15 Kelvin (- 190°F to -430°F / -120°C to -260°C).

Please find below a description of the different applications of our equipment within this market.



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