Cryogenic Solutions for various markets

All kinds of industries, organisations and businesses rely on Stirling Cryogenics solutions for various purposes.

From cattle to superconductivity and beyond

Stirling Cryogenics will help you to create the best cryogenic solution to cool your application or process. We are committed to make you fully self-supporting. No longer will you be dependent on the bulk supply of liquid gas. No longer will you waste expensive evaporated gases. Simply create a cold spot in your process, to cool, liquefy or recondense coolant gas in a closed-loop system or produce your own cryogenic liquid on the spot. Stirling Cryogenics always has the right cooling solution for the job and a global service network to support you.

Please click on the different sections on the left for a description how we can help you within your market, industry or application. 

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